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An Introduction to the Goodreads APIs

Writing to Goodreads

What is OAuth?

Ah, to every journey there is always a new frontier, and in our case, that's OAuth. An authentication system that connects the third-party developers, the API host sites and the users, it is required by many sites to write to their system. In the case of Goodreads, it is also very sparsely documented, and discouraged for JavaScript using a client-side, due to the visibility of data. Even the search option points to a tutorial that is no longer active (the author has quit supporting OAuth 2 on account of security concerns). The general exchange works like this: your site will send the user to the API provider site, where the user will be asked to give access to you to use their accounts. This access may be limited, and revoked by them more easily than a password, for example. You are given a "token" with this approval, which is then sent, along with your developer's key and secret key, in your API requests. Beyond this, it works very much like the versions we have employed here!

To Read More on Goodreads's OAuth support, click here!

A Final Few Links:

As you continue to work, please explore the developer's forum! It is a great resource of people like you, working to develop with the Goodreads APIs!

Goodreads Developer Forum

The Last Bit of Tuteledge!

Here is the total of the Goodreads's documentation on APIs that I have not yet linked you to! Peruse and enjoy! It gives a sample call and shows an additional response. Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! Next: OAuth and the Goodreads social network!

Goodreads API Documentation