Though my first love is fiction, I've written in a variety of formats, including screenplays and video games. My screenplay The Fourth Wall was a finalist at Cinequest (read sample below).

I'm currently building a Unity interactive e-reader engine, and a game for this engine called HARDING NY (sample coming soon).

I'm also developing a SFF novel (potential first in a series, of course) that's set in a distant future, but takes a corporate marine team to a remote backwater planet, where a mysterious force called 'Surge' interferes with electrical function. A haven for back-to-nature religious movements and others seeking to hide out, it is also a scientific anomaly and becomes a centerpoint in an intergalactic war as forces struggle to extract an alien artifact supposedly capable of terraforming, or rebooting, inhabited planets. Inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune and tales of King Arthur.